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Tuesday, 14th September 2004

Willie the Warlock (MP3) (via) Best. Song. Ever. We’ve been listening to this at work all week. # 10:47 pm gmail invite spooler (via) A great way to offload your excess invites. # 7:13 pm

RSS bookmark feeds. Thoughts on live bookmarks for bookmark sharing from Paul Hammond. # 5:20 pm

Browser innovation is alive and well

Here’s a feature that caught me by surprise (maybe I haven’t been keeping my ear close enough to the ground): the new Firefox 1.0 preview release supports Live Bookmarks, a novel twist on RSS aggregators where feeds look just like bookmark folders, displaying a list of bookmarks corresponding to the headlines from the feed. Best of all, the feature support RSS autodiscovery. Sites with auto-discoverable feeds display an attractive RSS icon on the right hand side of the status bar, allowing for one click subscriptions.

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Mozilla Firefox—Live Bookmarks (via) Whoa! RSS support built in to Firefox, with a very smart interface. # 4:23 pm