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Thursday, 9th September 2004

lgf: Bush Guard Documents: Forged (via) I tried this myself in MS Word on OS X—the spacing lined up exactly. # 9:52 pm Wrestling HTML. Uche Ogbuji on ways to convert HTML to XML using Python. # 7:51 am

Martin Fowler on Closures. They really aren’t that complicated once they’re explained well. # 7:51 am

paramiko: ssh2 protocol for python. The SFTP support has a very pleasant API. # 6:06 am

Command line blacklisting

Just over a year ago, I started blacklisting domain names from links featured in comment spam. My idea then was that these blacklists could become a shared resource: people would publish their own blacklist and subscribe to those of people they trust, thus making it much harder for spammers to operate. While the sheer volume of spam domains meant that the technique was much less useful than I originally anticipated, I’ve continued to maintain my blacklist ever since as a preventative measure against repeat spammers.

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Personnel Foul—Fred Kaplan. The problem isn’t so much the structure of the CIA as it is the quality of their employees. # 2:27 am Automated Tree Drawing: XSLT and SVG. Includes a recursive text parser in XSLT. May cause your brain to melt. # 2:14 am