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Tuesday, 21st September 2004

The Joel Test for Web Development. How much can web developers learn from software developers? A heck of a lot. # 11:17 pm

Boris Johnson—Conservative MP (via) The first Tory MP blog. Unfortunately most of the entries at the moment are by his press secretary. # 10:30 pm

Guardian Unlimited | Newsblog. The Guardian’s new blog. Intersting for the comments above anything else. # 10:24 pm

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby: Chapter 5. Them What Make the Rules and Them What Live the Dream # 8:44 pm

HOW-TO: Take digital photos from a kite. With detailed instructions on modding the camera to take a shot every second until the card fills up. # 8:27 pm

PONGMECHANIK (via) Crazy German hardware Pong clone. # 7:40 pm

Are poker ‘bots’ raking online pots? (via) Poker bots fleecing newbies on gambling sites. # 7:24 pm

Mac Geekery (via) Tips for hardcore Mac geeks. # 5:32 pm

if (gBrowser) { var google = new Platform(); }. Matt May speculates on hard drive search and Google’s 32 billion dollar market cap. # 5:10 pm

Google Browser mention in Bugzilla. The bug has since been deleted. # 5:03 pm

Interview with BBC R&D Dirac Developer Thomas Davies (via) With discussion of the new open-licensed Dirac codec under development at the BBC. # 2:50 am

More evidence of a Google browser. Kottke’s Google Browser roundup. # 2:47 am

Python2.4 highlights

A.M. Kuchling’s “What’s New in Python X” documents are always a treat, and his guide to the forthcoming Python 2.4 is no exception. Among other things, 2.4 elevates sets to built in type status, dramatically improves the usability of Python’s list sort method (for easier application of DSU, aka the Schwartzian transform), makes reverse iteration easier and introduces an alternative string substitution method.

[... 231 words]

Will Google Launch A Browser? They’ve registered # 2:04 am

George Monbiot: Their beliefs are bonkers (via) I really, really hope that this isn’t accurate. # 1:56 am

Journalism Under Fire (via) Outstanding speech by Bill Moyers. # 12:25 am

The Rapture Index (via) Whoa. # 12:19 am