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Wednesday, 15th September 2004

“Willie the Warlock” by Billy Q. Effinger (via) Best song ever, now with comments! # 10:51 pm

Critical Mozilla Vulnerabilities Fixed in New Versions. Various buffer overflows, fixed in Firefox PR 1.0. # 9:49 pm

Microsoft warns of poisoned picture peril. Now opening a JPEG can get you in trouble. # 9:47 pm

Spread Firefox. They’re aiming for 1,000,000 downloads in 10 days. # 4:30 pm

FreyaSX (via) Open source full-text search engine, claims indexing speeds of 100,000 words/second. # 4:18 pm

A9 1.0! (via) An Amazon insider gives the skinny on the new A9. # 6:08 am