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Monday, 26th April 2004

Learning Perl the Hard Way (via) I have no idea if this is any good or not because there’s no browsable HTML version. # 11:50 pm

Victor Ng’s Weblog: python’s import is broken. “Never use ’from foo import baz’. Always always always use the ’import mypackage’ form of import.” # 11:45 pm

V2’s Pre)Thing E-mail a Hoax (via) No seance after all. # 11:13 pm

Good Riddance To the Music Industry (via) V2 conduct a seance in a marketing meeting. # 6:03 pm

Curious Javascript in .NET

I’ve never had the opportunity nor the inclination to do anything with .NET; at work we use open source tools for all of our web development, and I prefer open source tools for my own personal experiments as well. At any rate, the javascript:__doPostBack links I’ve seen on .NET powered sites such as Channel 9 and Orkut plain give me the willies.

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Pro-Symbian Internet m@fia and their machinations exposed. It’s a conspiracy! The funniest tripe I’ve read in quite a while. # 6:49 am

Kansas City web developer meetup

The last one was fun, so we’re having another. This time we’re shooting for Thursday April 29th at around 8pm, probably at a venue in Kansas City. If you’re interested in coming along drop a note to myself or Adrian and we’ll add you to the impromptu mailing list.

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