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Monday, 5th April 2004

What is Google?

Via John Battelle, Rick Skrenta’s remarkable piece on what Google have actually built. They don’t just have the world’s best search engine, they have the world’s largest and most scalable platform for developing huge web-based applications.

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iPod mini for self defence (via) “... one sharp little fucker of a digital lifestyle appliance.” # 4:25 am

Java to JavaScript in NS4. Before Groovy, before Jython, NS 4 allowed scripting of Java classes from Javascript. # 2:21 am

Don’t use client side includes! On my SitePoint blog. # 2:12 am

The Javascript Weblog. Dori Smith on all things Javascript. # 1:57 am

Happy Birthday April! (via) This is really sweet :) # 1:51 am

Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft. More quality MS blogging. # 1:41 am

gmail privacy policy. It sucks. Let’s hope they fix it before they launch. # 1:41 am

Personalisation? We’ve already got it

Vin Crosbie, a highly respected commentator on the online news industry, recently published his long awaited essay What Newspapers and Their Web Sites Must Do to Survive. It’s long but captivating and well researched; if you have any interest in the role of traditional newspapers on the web you should take the time to read it.

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Microsoft “get” blogging

Who would have thought a year ago that Microsoft would be the company that took corporate blogging to the next level? Say what you like about the company itself, you can’t fault the quality and quantity of bloggers coming out of Redmond at the moment. Yesterday I stumbled across this fascinating blog that provides an insight in to Microsoft’s recruitment techniques. If you’re looking for a job at a high-tech company you can’t afford not to read this—they already have a bunch of resume advice, tips on what to wear to interviews and posts on subjects such as employee referrals, international recriting, phone screening and more.

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