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Sunday, 18th April 2004

AntiRSI for OS X

OK, so I have to admit I gave up on WorkRave after about two weeks—it got on my nerves. Onne Gorter just dropped me an email about his free AntiRSI program for OS X and I’ve decided to give it a go. It draws a pretty icon in the Dock with a live updated timer for how long until your next rest break, and the source code is freely available. Let’s see if this one lasts longer than WorkRave did.

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Bookmarklet request

Anyone know if it would be possible to create a bookmarklet that emulates an EyeDropper style application: as you move it around the page it shows you the hex colour code for the pixel directly under the mouse pointer? I’m pretty sure it can’t be done but I’d love to be proved wrong.

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Optimization: Your worst enemy. Great essay on premature optimization. # 10:23 pm

The Spy ( “Because what I do to make a living, developing web sites, is to most people so stunningly, awe-inspiringly boring, that I shield them from my days.” # 8:46 pm