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Wednesday, 7th April 2004

Film-strip rollovers. Similar technique to pixy’s, but with Javascript. # 10:51 pm Has Slow News Day. Site optimization case study. # 10:43 pm

CanyonBridge Slips into Web Services Orchestration (via) Recreating applications in a browser window. # 10:43 pm

“Scripting Language” My Arse: Using Python for Voice over IP (via) More about voice over IP protocols than you ever wanted to know. # 10:41 pm

The Cocoa Controller Layer (via) I’ve been experimenting with Cocoa recently. # 10:36 pm

Re: What are the goals of (via) Brendan Eich’s vision of a collaborative open source platform. # 10:20 pm

Mouseover DOM Inspector. Useful bookmarklet for inspecting documents. # 9:37 pm

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger (via) When X-Box Linux just isn’t hardcore enough. # 6:38 pm

Business card trading games. I’m jealous: someone managed to collect the whole set. # 6:33 pm

Beatallica (via) The Beatles and Metallica, together at last # 5:15 pm