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Thursday, 1st April 2004

Gawker Media, Weblogs, Inc. Network, and AlwaysOn merge, raise $12m from Fred Wilson; tap John Battelle as CEO. “the four of us came to the conclusion that together we could build the Time-Warner of blogging” # 11:42 pm

Google: ’Gmail’ No Joke, Lunar Jobs Are. Announcing a new service on April 1st with a joke press release was bound to backfire. # 11:25 pm

Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes Of All Time (via) Our attempts are pretty poor compared to some of these. # 10:22 pm

ThinkGeek :: PC HabiCase. Hamsters and computers, together at last. # 8:21 pm

Netscape Returns, Steals Back RSS, Merges With Rival CDF. An end to the syndication wars! # 8:19 pm

XCP—the XML Control Protocol. TCP/IP replacement—with added angle brackets! # 7:39 pm

My New Job at Microsoft Mobile Division. Russell joins Microsoft. # 7:36 pm

March For Web Standards. Grass roots campaigning. # 7:32 pm

Avi Rubin joins Diebold. Looks forward to hand picking the next president. # 6:58 pm

<Bleep>ing GarageBand! For the sake of the children. # 6:57 pm

Domain squatters stole! Be sure to wait on the page for a short while... # 6:56 pm

MetaFilter goes Wiki. The logical convergence point for all social software. # 9:59 am

Google Copernicus Center is hiring. A job on the moon! (Does this mean gmail is real?) # 8:51 am

Tips from the master. David Siegel is driving forward the boundaries of web design. # 8:30 am

Time for Change. And another one! # 8:13 am

mezzoblue: Sickening. A disgraceful act of design theft. # 8:13 am

Web Standards Perk Up More Than Your Site. I wonder what they do for female developers. # 7:42 am

Python on the C64. I thought it would never happen. # 6:05 am

SitePoint (.aspx). SitePoint finally switch to .NET. # 6:03 am

Thanks a bundle, HP

I needed to scan a couple of signed documents at work, as a cheaper alternative to locating a fax machine. The office scanner is an HP scanjet 4570c. I plugged it in to the back of my PowerBook to see if it would work straight away, as pretty much everything else I’ve plugged in has. It didn’t. Fair enough, I can’t expect Apple to pre-install drivers for everything. So I headed over to HP’s site to grab the necessary software.

[... 415 words]

1GB of webmail from Google

Provided this story about a new 1 GB webmail service from Google isn’t a lame early April fool, I’m really psyched about it. A decent amount of space combined with Google’s search technology could really help me keep up to date with my email. Just off the top of my head, here’s my ideal hosted webmail feature list:

[... 245 words]

Google to offer gigabyte of free e-mail (via) 1 GB of webmail with Google powered search? I would SO pay for that. # 1:35 am