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Thursday, 29th April 2004

A Basic Course in Dvorak. The problem with learning Dvorak is that it leaves you essentially unable to type for several weeks. # 8:11 pm

Ben Hammersley: Marathon des Sables. You’ll find this either awe inspiring or just plain nuts. Either way, you should read it. # 11:02 am

Odds and ends. My latest SitePoint blog entry. I really need to get links to those flowing on to my main blog via RSS. # 9:50 am

NInterview with Miguel de Icaza (via) Lots of great stuff on Mono, and some scary stuff on Avalon and XAML. # 9:49 am

Citizen Kubrick (via) A look inside Stanley Kubrick’s private archive. # 7:05 am

The Evolution of Corporate Web Sites. Digital Web Magazine looks at the bigger picture. # 2:30 am

Robotic traffic cones swarm onto highways (via) Students will steal these in their thousands. # 2:09 am