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Tuesday, 20th April 2004

Vulnerability Issues in TCP. DoS attack against the protocol itself. This is not good. # 9:45 pm

// hicksdesign :: Thunderbird (via) New Thunderbird logo to accompany the Firefox one. I like it. # 5:50 pm

Opinion with David Emberton (via) Compares standards to communism in the first sentence. Watch him get ripped apart in the comments. # 3:35 pm

EFF: The Patent Busting Project (via) Awesome! Finally someone with the means to tackle crank internet patents. # 4:29 am

Will Trade Passwords For Chocolate (via) I’m not at all surprised. Most people see passwords as more of an annoyance than a security measure. # 4:27 am

Why parrot in production? If you’re remotely interested in compiler technology or even just general computer science you should be reading Dan’s blog. # 2:35 am

Internet Archive: FreeCache (via) Interesting approach to large file distribution, with no special client software required. # 2:33 am

A nice CSS template collection. auf Deutsch. # 2:27 am