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Thursday, 15th April 2004

The learning curve of web standards. Transitioning to standards based web design. # 3:25 am

PHP Comes of Age (via) Oracle sponsored article on PHP “culture clash”. # 2:59 am

Frames without frames (via) Replicating Frame style navigation with CSS. # 2:58 am

How CoLinux works. The geeky details. # 2:58 am

Cooperative Linux. Run Linux on Windows, natively. # 2:58 am

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures (via) More algorithms than you can shke a very big stick at. # 2:54 am

Exact string matching algorithms (via) With illustrative animations in Java. # 2:50 am

Survival guide to i18n. Ridiculously useful. # 2:48 am

Behind the Scenes at News Aggregator Topix.Net. An interesting operation. # 2:48 am

A National ID Card Wouldn’t Make Us Safer. Someone needs to show this to the UK government. # 2:05 am