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GitHub Codespaces provides cloud development environments accessible through a browser.


Weeknotes: Datasette Studio and a whole lot of blogging

Visit Weeknotes: Datasette Studio and a whole lot of blogging

I’m still spinning back up after my trip back to the UK, so actual time spent building things has been less than I’d like. I presented an hour long workshop on command-line LLM usage, wrote five full blog entries (since my last weeknotes) and I’ve also been leaning more into short-form link blogging—a lot more prominent on this site now since my homepage redesign last week.

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datasette/studio. I’m trying a new way to make Datasette available for small personal data manipulation projects, using GitHub Codespaces.

This repository is designed to be opened directly in Codespaces—detailed instructions in the README.

When the container starts it installs the datasette-studio family of plugins—including CSV upload, some enrichments and a few other useful feature—then starts the server running and provides a big green button to click to access the server via GitHub’s port forwarding mechanism.

# 10th March 2024, 3:03 am / projects, datasette, github-codespaces

Exploring codespaces as temporary dev containers (via) DJ Adams shows how to use GitHub Codespaces without interacting with their web UI at all: you can run “gh codespace create --repo ...” to create a new instance, then SSH directly into it using “gh codespace ssh --codespace codespacename”.

This turns Codespaces into an extremely convenient way to spin up a scratch on-demand Linux container where you pay for just the time that the machine spends running.

# 26th January 2024, 6:46 pm / github, github-codespaces


Exploration de données avec Datasette. One of the great delights of open source development is seeing people run workshops on your project, even more so when they’re in a language other than English! Romain Clement presented this French workshop for the Python Grenoble meetup on 25th May 2023, using GitHub Codespaces as the environment. It’s pretty comprehensive, including a 300,000+ row example table which illustrates Datasette plugins such as datasette-cluster-map and datasette-leaflet-geojson.

# 27th May 2023, 12:36 am / tutorials, datasette, github-codespaces

codespaces-jupyter (via) This is really neat. Click “Use this template” -> “Open in a codespace” and you get a full in-browser VS Code interface where you can open existing notebook files (or create new ones) and start playing with them straight away.

# 14th April 2023, 10:38 pm / github, python, jupyter, github-codespaces

Teaching News Apps with Codespaces (via) Derek Willis used GitHub Codespaces for the latest data journalism class he taught, and it eliminated the painful process of trying to get students on an assortment of Mac, Windows and Chromebook laptops all to a point where they could start working and learning together.

# 23rd March 2023, 12:39 am / data-journalism, derek-willis, github, teaching, github-codespaces

Using Datasette in GitHub Codespaces. A new Datasette tutorial showing how it can be run inside GitHub Codespaces—GitHub’s browser-based development environments—in order to explore and analyze data. I’ve been using Codespaces to run tutorials recently and it’s absolutely fantastic, because it puts every tutorial attendee on a level playing field with respect to their development environments.

# 24th February 2023, 12:40 am / github, tutorials, datasette, github-codespaces


Weeknotes: CDC vaccination history fixes, developing in GitHub Codespaces

I spent the last week mostly surrounded by boxes: we’re completing our move to the new place and life is mostly unpacking now. I did find some time to fix some issues with my CDC vaccination history Datasette instance though.

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Datasette on Codespaces, sqlite-utils API reference documentation and other weeknotes

Visit Datasette on Codespaces, sqlite-utils API reference documentation and other weeknotes

This week I broke my streak of not sending out the Datasette newsletter, figured out how to use Sphinx for Python class documentation, worked out how to run Datasette on GitHub Codespaces, implemented Datasette column metadata and got tantalizingly close to a solution for an elusive Datasette feature.

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GitHub’s Engineering Team has moved to Codespaces. My absolute dream development environment is one where I can spin up a new, working development environment in seconds—to try something new on a branch, or because I broke something and don’t want to spend time figuring out how to fix it. This article from GitHub explains how they got there: from a half-day setup to a 45 minute bootstrap in a codespace, then to five minutes through shallow cloning and a nightly pre-built Docker image and finally to 10 seconds be setting up “pools of codespaces, fully cloned and bootstrapped, waiting to be connected with a developer who wants to get to work”.

# 11th August 2021, 4:53 pm / github, docker, github-codespaces