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Thursday, 31st July 2008

Changeset 8162. “Implemented a secure password reset form that uses a token and prompts user for new password”—also sneaks base36 encoding and decoding in to Django. # 10:54 pm

Super User Conditional Page Exception Reporting. The name is almost as long as the code snippet: this serves Django’s debug page to logged in super-users, falling back to the default 500 template for everyone else. # 9:06 pm

“Simon Willison’s Weblog” on the redesigned Delicious. The new search feature is extremely impressive; I can see myself coming here before hitting Google for some things. I’m not too keen on the way they’re adding ’www’ to the beginning of my URL when they display it though. # 8:34 pm

Spawning + Django. The latest version of Spawning (a fast Python web server built on top of the Eventlet non-blocking coroutine networking library) can run Django applications out of the box, using threads and processes to work around the blocking nature of the ORM’s database drivers. Eric Florenzano reports better performance than Apache and mod_wsgi, and is now hosting his site on it. # 10:56 am

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