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Tuesday, 22nd July 2008

What the Heck is the Open Web? Brad Neuberg is seeking a two sentence definition. Bonus points for answering the following: “If Adobe were to open source Flex/Flash, or Microsoft Silverlight, would that be the Open Web? If so, why? If not, why not?”

# 1:33 am / brad-neuberg, flash, flex, open-source, openweb, silverlight

Django 1.0 alpha released! Not meant for production use, but a pretty solid preview of what’s coming in 1.0 proper. The beta is scheduled for August 5th.

# 6:01 am / alpha, django, python

Django 1.0 alpha release notes. The big features are newforms-admin, unicode everywhere, the queryset-refactor ORM improvements and auto-escaping in templates.

# 6:04 am / alpha, autoescaping, django, newformsadmin, orm, python, querysetrefactor, unicode Launched today, powered by Django—a combination of (mostly ex-Gamespot) quality editorial content and a massive structured wiki of every computer game ever released. This is going to be a lot of fun—all of the crazy detailed content that Wikipedia tends to reject.

# 7:09 am / django, games, giantbomb, wiki, wikipedia Also powered by Django, Whiskey Media’s comic book encyclopedia and community. 43,000 characters and 94,000 issues and counting.

# 7:12 am / comics, django, whiskeymedia

Replacing Django’s Template Language With Jinja2. Part of Will Larson’s series on taking advantage of Django’s loose coupling.

# 5:18 pm / django, jinja, jinja2, loosecoupling, python, will-larson

Python BoF and Django Drinkup (via) At OSCON? Come along to the Jax Bar tonight (Tuesday 22nd) from 7pm to 10pm to hang out with fellow Pythoneers and Djangonaughts.

# 6:48 pm / bof, django, oscon, python, social

Email Address to URL Transformation (EAUT) specification now available! Allows OpenID users to login using their E-mail address, which is converted in to an OpenID URL based on rules specified in an XRDS document attached to the root domain. Seems like a good idea to me.

# 7:30 pm / eaut, email, openid, urls, xrds

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