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Tuesday, 29th July 2008

OSCON in 37 minutes. 45 OSCON talks summarised by their presenters in just 37 minutes, compiled by Gregg Pollack. I get to rant about OpenID for a minute at 27:22. # 11:59 pm

json-head. I’ve deployed another App Engine mini-app, which provides a JSON-P API for running HEAD requests against an arbitrary URL (useful for checking things like Content-Length and Content-Type headers and whether a URL returns 200). App Engine’s urlfetch limitations mean it can only deal with port 80 and 443 requests. # 3:41 pm

Extra fields on many-to-many relationships (via) Checked in just over an hour ago, Django now lets you specify a custom “through” table for a ManyToManyField. Great work by Eric Florenzano. # 1:58 pm

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