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Friday, 8th August 2008

Open Web Podcast Episode 1. I haven’t listened yet, but Alex Russell, John Resig and Dion Almaer all at once? Awesome. # 11:59 pm

Django 1.0 alpha 2 release notes (via) The last preview release before the 1.0 beta. Big new features are GeoDjango, pluggable file storage (which went in earlier today) and Jython compatibility. The beta is scheduled for August 14th. # 11:57 pm

End of Life for PHP 4. Apparently 8/8/8 marks the end of the line for PHP 4—no new releases, no support, not even security patches. # 11:32 pm

Download size has been an issue in the past. [...] In the early days Macromedia did studies adding null kilobytes to Player downloads and measuring the dropoff rate in completed installations. The more time people have to hit that “Cancel Download” button, the more will do so.

John Dowdell # 3:51 pm

South. A brand new light-weight Django migrations tool from Andrew Godwin. On first glance, this is spookily similar to the system we’ve been putting together at GCap. # 11:42 am