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Friday, 1st August 2008

Silicon Swings and Silicon Roundabouts. Matt Locke’s advice for anyone hoping to build a “Tech Hub” for startups, based on personal experience gained running a media centre in Yorkshire in the 90s. # 8:20 pm

Beginner’s Guide to Discovery. Extremely approachable introduction by Eran Hammer-Lahav. # 8:18 pm

Without a discovery process, machines must be told about resources ahead of time and will only be able to interact with resources that they already know. This is the same as only starting a conversation with people you already know, even though with little effort you should be able to talk to new people with a common language.

Eran Hammer-Lahav # 8:17 pm

Large Hadron Collider nearly ready—The Big Picture. Stunningly beautiful set of photographs of the LHC. I love Big Science. # 7:46 pm