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Monday, 25th August 2008

Flickr Developer Blog: API Responses as Feeds (via) Flickr API calls that return a “standard photos response” (e.g. and flickr.favorites.getList) can now output eight different feed formats as well, including Atom, RSS flavours, geoatom, geordf and KML. Error codes are returned as X-FlickrErrCode HTTP headers. # 10:20 pm

Oxford Geek Night 8—27th August 2008. Once again in the Jericho Tavern, this time with a musical theme. # 9 pm

“You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter”. The inevitable Twitter song by Ben Walker (@ihatemornings), the resident troubadour at the Oxford Geek Nights. Go along on Wednesday to see him live! # 8:59 pm

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996*... (The Long Now Foundation uses five digit dates, the extra zero is to solve the deca-millennium bug which will come into effect in about 8,000 years.)

The Long Now Foundation # 7:42 pm