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Friday, 8th April 2005

Ubuntu 5.04 Release Notes (via) What’s new in Hoary. # 2:57 pm

See the sights with Google Maps. MetaFilter thread with links to interesting satellite photos on Google Maps. # 10:23 am

Enter the hedgehog

The Ubuntu community have released Hoary Hedgehog, otherwise known as Ubuntu 5.04. If you haven’t tried Ubuntu yet, it’s an excellent Linux distribution based on Debian with a strong focus on desktop usability. Unlike most Linux distros, Ubuntu comes with just one desktop manager (Gnome) and one obvious default application for each of the essentials: Firefox for browsing, OpenOffice for office work, Evolution for mail.

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A Tour of the BBC Film Archive at Windmill Road. Martin Belam continues his streak of fascinating posts about the BBC. # 9:20 am

Anabasis: Jeremy wants feedback on his plans for a userscript directory site. # 8:42 am

Geekcheat vi reference mug (via) I want one! # 2:32 am

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