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Monday, 18th April 2005

Geocide: How to destroy the Earth (via) Immensely amusing, and informative as well. # 11:26 pm

Seeing Metaclasses Clearly (via) Metaclasses in Ruby—but no cartoons :( # 6:35 pm

Hixie’s Natural Log: Threads. Hixie talks about Acid2—and model trains. # 4:21 pm

Better date input demo (allegedly). Tom highlights a bunch of problems with my “better date” script. # 2:44 pm

The Acid2 Test: The Smile and Row Fourteen. Safari looks set to beat the rest to full Acid2 compliance. # 2:42 pm

About Adobe—Adobe to acquire Macromedia (via) Whoa! There goes competition in the graphic design software sector. # 10:28 am

Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking. How to take notes in meetings. # 1:47 am

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