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Sunday, 3rd April 2005

Adding a ’bak’ comment to your .bash_profile. Quickly create a timestamped backup of a file. # 11:44 pm

CSS tips and tricks, Part 2. Floats, centering, CSS hacks. # 8:15 pm

CSS tips and tricks, Part 1. The cascade, descendant selectors and more. # 8:14 pm

Yahoo Favelets. Bookmarklets for enhancing Yahoo! member profile search. # 7:17 pm

Patterns of Intermediation. Design patterns for bookmarklets, greasemonkey and similar. # 7:16 pm

Boing Boing, Ka-Ching Ka-Ching. In light of the whole WordPress kerfluffle, I’m surprised this story didn’t get much attention. # 6:58 pm

SxSW 2005 photos. I finally got around to posting my SxSW photos to Flickr. # 5:52 am

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