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Wednesday, 6th April 2005

Now, Really, As Bigoted As You Think. Kansas passed the gay marriage amendment. # 4:14 pm

Slashdot interview with Mark Shuttleworth. Some great answers on Ubuntu. # 10:18 am

Interview: 43Folders’ Merlin Mann. LifeHacker talks to a Life Hacker. # 10:17 am

Customizing Opera. Tips from one of Opera’s developers. # 9:51 am

Multi-threaded JavaScript (with Rhino). Good tutorial on using Rhino to do cool things with JavaScript. # 6:42 am

My childhood, seen by Google Maps. Very clever use of Flickr notes and Google Maps. # 6:40 am

More Nifty Corners. Now with wider browser support and mild anti-aliasing. # 6:38 am

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