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Thursday, 28th April 2005

Adactio Elsewhere (via) Jeremy Keith shows off some of his Ajax / web service API skills. # 10:21 pm

Bumpspark Library-less Minigraphs (via) It’s that neat data:uri hack but for Ruby and without needing an external image library. # 10:19 pm

Firefox Counter. How the Firefox counter works. # 6 pm

A Firefox observation

There are (to my knowledge) around 80 people on my undergraduate computer science course. Of those 80, I know of at least fourfive who’s final year project involves writing a Firefox extension of some sort. That’s 1 in 2016.

[... 71 words]

Lexical Analysis, Python-style (via) Clever trick using named groups in regular expressions. # 3:02 pm

Just Letters (via) Collaborative Flash fridge magnets. # 1:50 pm

Exploding toads baffle Germans. Fantastic. # 1:18 pm

Safari passes the Acid2 test. Dave Hyatt runs rings around the rest. # 9:20 am

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