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Tuesday, 26th April 2005

Why every student should own a Mac (via) Michelle Levesque on student laptop culture. # 11:39 pm

iPod Truffle. Andy’s been distracting us from our dissertations. # 10:45 pm

The 1 million download challenge. In which Opera’s CEO attempts to swim the atlantic. # 8:42 pm

Xyle. Kind of like Mozilla’s DOM inspector for Safari. # 8:30 pm

Greasemonkey for personalized accessibility. Why Greasemonkey is the perfect tool for client-side accessibility enhancements. # 7:44 pm

Gecko Info for Windows Accessibility Vendors (via) “This FAQ explains how makers of Windows screen readers, voice dictation packages and magnification software can support Gecko-based software” # 7:42 pm

HoverHelp (via) Intelligently implemented JavaScript tool tips. # 11:03 am

Who is using The user testimonials are pretty, well, random. # 11:02 am (via) True random numbers, with entropy provided by a radio tuned to white noise. # 11:01 am

New Values for a New Age of Journalism. The news industry would be so much smarter if they followed this advice. # 10:58 am

Quittin’ time. Matt May is leaving the W3C—and seeking an interesting new job. # 10:57 am

Sparklines in data URIs in Python. A neat hack with data: URIs and the Python Imaging Library. # 10:54 am

Aardvark Firefox Extension. Neat extension for exploring (and altering) the layout of a page. # 10:54 am

[Geowanking] Google Maps UK (via) Optimistic thoughts on the hackability of Google Maps. # 10:44 am

Getting to the Mobile Web. Russell Beattie on why the mobile web sucks, and steps we can take to fix it. # 10:39 am

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