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Saturday, 16th April 2005

Safari 1.3 has a JavaScript Console

My single biggest complaint about Safari in the past has been its terrible support for JavaScript debugging. Safari 1.3 has just been released, and tucked away in the Debug menu is a brand new JavaScript console option. It’s not as good as the Firefox equivalent (it throws up far too many “Undefined value, line: 0” errors for my liking) but it’s a big step in the right direction.

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Safari 1.3 is out (via Software Update). New features include contenteditable support, XSLT and a major performance improvements. # 3:51 pm

Oi Scab!? Strikes at the BBC. Tough times to be working for the Beeb. # 3:40 pm

What do you think about self-published books? Advice from Tim O’Reilly on self-publishing. # 3:33 pm

Google Blog: Bird view. It’s nice to see Google publically acknowledging their enthusiastic user community. # 3:18 pm

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