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Sunday, 9th March 2003

Replacing text with images

Douglas Bowman writes about Guiltless Image Use, describing a technique that uses CSS to cause text to vanish from the page, then replaces it with a background-image. I experimented with this technique (see comments attached to that entry) myself last year but ended up using image tags inside h1 elements instead. Doug’s drop cap example shows that the technique can be applied in interesting ways outside of headers.

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A plea for pings

Blogs I would read a lot more often if only they pinged when they updated:

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Thirty five year old cookies

I’m finding myself slightly confused about the Google backlash washing around the blogosphere, which is summarised quite well by Gavin Sheridan. Most of the arguments against using Google unsurprisingly centre around privacy issues, in particular the “35 year cookie”. I was under the impression that cookies could only be set for a maximum of a year, but having checked Netscape’s Cookie Specification and RFC 2965 it appears I was mistaken.

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