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Saturday, 8th March 2003


Scott Johnson has put together a blog search engine with a difference: it indexes RSS feeds rather than crawling the blogs themselves. Roogle is still under heavy development (and Scott is blogging it as he goes) but is shaping up to be a very neat tool. If your blog isn’t already being indexed, you can add it using this form.

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WThRemix entrants

The WThRemix contest has posted a list of submitted entries. The contest (to design a new homepage for the W3C) asked entrants to use valid tableless XHTML, CSS and meet WAI accessibility level 1. The entries demonstrate a wide variety of layout and design techniques and are well worth browsing through. The winners will be announced on March 17th.

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Spell check in web applications

Sam Ruby has enabled spell checking for the preview comment tool on his blog. I wonder how it works... I’ve lost track of the scripting language Sam uses for Intertwingly (PHP? Python? Perl?) but I know PHP can be compiled with support for the Pspell module.

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