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Friday, 21st March 2003

coWiki uses PHP5

coWiki is the first open source project I have seen being developed with PHP 5, using snapshots from CVS. It looks like a really neat wiki system. Of particular interest for PHP heads is the development log on the front page (sorry, no permalinks) which provides some insight in to the progress of PHP 5’s development.

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Conference woes

Like Stuart, I’m severely tempted by the UK Python conference—as a student it would cost me £85 to go for the first day, not including train fairs. That’s a lot of money (considering I currently have none) for 4 sessions and the opportunity of a BOF meeting, but it’s quite rare for the UK to host a conference on something I’m heavily interested in (I’m yet to go to one). These tips on getting the most out of a conference would certainly come in handy.

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Some PHP notes

I ran an intermediate to advanced PHP session at University today, on behalf of BCSS. The turn out wasn’t particularly impressive, probably because the only lecture today had been cancelled so there were a lot fewer people from our course on campus than I had expected (the session was arranged because a piece of group coursework we are working on at the moment uses PHP). The notes I put together from the course are available online. They were put together in a bit of a hurry, so please tell me if you spot any mistakes. Topics covered include sessions and cookies, classes and objects, references and some brief notes on writing secure code.

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