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Tuesday, 18th March 2003

PHP and Javascript spell checker

Last week I commented that Sam Ruby’s spell checking feature could be made even funkier with the addition of a javascript powered “corrections” menu. I spent a few hours this afternoon playing with the idea, and I’ve now got quite a nice proof of concept:

[... 186 words]

Great new bookmarklets

Via Zeldman, Ian Lloyd (who has recently re-launched his personal blog) has released a pair of invaluable bookmarklets for dissecting the structure of properly marked up pages: Show and label divs with ids and Show and label divs with classes. Combine with Liorean’s ViewStyles and ViewScripts for best effect.


Sterling Hughes (recently blogrolled) has been working on mod_psp, a Python Server Pages module for Apache. He’s up to version 0.2.1 already. Stuart once told me that the toughest problem when embedding Python code in HTML is figuring out how to deal with indentation blocks—PSP appears to handle this by letting the indentation “leak” in to the HTML, which seems a bit of an ugly workaround. Still, if the module ends up being any where near as straight forward to install and use as PHP it could become a very useful tool.

Haunted by old hacks

Paul Hammond is seeking the perfect way of marking up code snippets. He examines several methods, including this interesting specimen:

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