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Saturday, 29th March 2003

Smarter CSS positioning

Daniel Glazman’s proposal for smarter positioning in CSS (see also this blog entry) makes a lot of sense.

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Usability myths

UIE debunk three usability “myths” (the three click rule, the idea that users give up on slow loading web sites, and the “5 to 8 test subjects should post most usability problems” idea). 37Signals do a pretty good job of debunking the debunkers.

[... 55 words] has some useful looking classes, including SmartTemplate (like Smarty but much simpler to use) and SmartCache, a very intelligent caching class that can be used to cache data objects as well as the output from whole pages. The example given caches a database query using the SQL statement as a unique cache key:

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Ruler bookmarklet

This Ruler bookmarklet is really cool—it shows the current coordinates of the cursor within the browser window and allows you to draw boxes and see how large they are in pixels—invaluable for tweaking CSS layouts.

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Time traveller busted for insider trading

“Time-Traveller” Busted for Insider Trading (via Tony Bowden). This just has to be some kind of early April fools.

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Programming concepts

Two interesting reads relating to the Programming Languages course I’m taking at University:

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Sergey Brin interviewed

Jeremy Allaire has posted notes on an interview with Sergey Brin of Google, conducted at the PC Forum conference. Some highlights:

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