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Monday, 31st March 2003

getElementsByClassName() rewritten

Andy has rewritten getElementsByClassName, resulting in much cleaner code and a method which can be called on any DOM element, not just the document object.

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Playing with REBOL

Yesterday, inspired by Keith’s Programming page, I decided to take a look at REBOL. REBOL is a very high level scripting language designed for working with the internet. It has the interbnet built in to its very core—its 45 core datatypes include email addresses and URIs and it includes support for 14 standard protocols including HTTP, FTP, POP and even finger.

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Getting Linux to talk to an iPAQ

I’m playing around with a borrowed Compaq iPAQ at the moment. Unfortunately I don’t have permission to go the whole hog and install linux on it but, as the next best thing, I’ve been working out how to get it to talk to my Linux box. A quick Google search brought up SynCE, an open source project providing all kinds of software to allow communication between *nix and handhelds running Pocket PC. So far I’ve got the command line tools working which allow me to transfer files to and from the iPAQ and start up iPAQ programs remotely. The next step is synchronisation with Evolution.

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I can’t believe its not a table

Via Craig, Big John’s new CSS layout “I can’t believe it’s not a table!”. I’ve played with the key concept of this before: using a background-left image on the body and a background-right on an all-encompassing div to create the illusion of two columns stretching the length of the page, but I never got it working quite as well as this. Big John’s layout uses that trick and a few others to get it rock solid across all browsers, then explains exactly how it all works in excruciating detail. Essential reading.

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Sitepoint XHTML tutorial

SitePoint are running an excellent new tutorial series: XHTML Web Design for Beginners. There’s little there for non-beginnners, but I’ll certainly be sending new learners in that direction.

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Glastonbury does CSS

Cool—the new Glastonbury Festival website uses a CSS layout! Unfortunately it completely fails to validate as XHTML Transitional, but comes to within an inch of validating as HTML 4.01 Transitional (they just need to change the doctype, take out a few XHTML specific attributes and clean up a misplaced <b> tag).

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