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Glastonbury does CSS

31st March 2003

Cool—the new Glastonbury Festival website uses a CSS layout! Unfortunately it completely fails to validate as XHTML Transitional, but comes to within an inch of validating as HTML 4.01 Transitional (they just need to change the doctype, take out a few XHTML specific attributes and clean up a misplaced <b> tag).

I think I’ve just bought my ticket. Unfortunately the online order form asked for the last 3 digits of my CCV number which, being printed on the signature strip of my card, rubbed off a long time ago. I disabled javascript and the form submitted just fine so it’ll be interesting to see if my order succeeds. If it does, chalk one up for user friendly client-side security holes :)

This is Glastonbury does CSS by Simon Willison, posted on 31st March 2003.

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