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Tuesday, 4th March 2003

Mozilla for bloggers

Matthew Haughey (freshly redesigned) has published a Mozilla advocacy article explaining why Mozilla (and variants) are excellent tools for bloggers. Spot on.


Here’s the reason I’ve been blogging at a relatively low frequency lately: BCSS—the Bath University Computer Science Society. The site is still under heavy development (there’s a surprise) but there’s enough information there now for it to be worth linking to. At the moment the site is valid HTML 4.01 Strict but it works as XHTML as well (try appending ?xhtml=1 to the URL of any page on the site) thanks to an ultra flexible page template class (outlined here) and a few simple tricks to convert XHTML in to HTML beforethe page is displayed.

[... 386 words]

HTTP status codes

Craig Saila has a minor rant about HTTP error codes. Did you know that a 410 should be served instead of a 404 when a resource has been deliberately, permanently removed? I didn’t.

Yahoo to one day go Google

Jeremy Zawodny drops a so-subtle-that-I-probably-misread-it hint that the Yahoo search page might some day follow AllTheWeb in Google’s footsteps.

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