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29th March 2003 has some useful looking classes, including SmartTemplate (like Smarty but much simpler to use) and SmartCache, a very intelligent caching class that can be used to cache data objects as well as the output from whole pages. The example given caches a database query using the SQL statement as a unique cache key:

require_once "class.smartcache.php";
$query  =  "select * from ... where ...";
$data   =  new SmartCache( $query );
if (!$result = $data->read( 120 ))     //  Reuse only 120 Seconds
    result  =  $db->exec( $query );    //  Read DB Result
    $data->write( $result );           //  Store result

This is by Simon Willison, posted on 29th March 2003.

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