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Sunday, 14th July 2002

MySQL best practise

O’Reilly have a new article up entitled Ten MySQL Best Practises. Jeremy Zawodny has a few problems with the article, and Tony Bowden throws in some comments as well. There’s plenty of useful information distributed between the three viewpoints.

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Which power puff girl is your blog?

Oh wow. Which PowerPuff Girl is your blog?. I’m Blossom—yay! Thanks Mark-from-uni for the tip off :)

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Maybe splash screens have a purpose

I never thought I’d say this, but there is a place on this earth for web site splash screens and time wasting intro animations (now I’m feeling dirty). This comes after an interesting if slightly heated debate about the merits of splash screens over on the SitePoint Forums. I still can’t stand splash screens, but I can acknowledge that there are some web users who see the web primarily as an entertainment platform and have their surfing experience enhanced by a bit of glitzy animation along side their information. Thanks Bill Posters for helping me understand this bizzare side of the surfing demographic ;)

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Mozilla web author FAQ

The Mozilla Web Author FAQ answers questions on doctypes, broken stylesheets, image table gaps and javascript detection—the most common problems faced by web developers new to developing for Mozilla all on one handy, concise page.

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Less is more

The Minimalist Web Project is a collection of good looking web sites adhering to the minimalist style, based on the idea that “less is more”. Some beautiful sites are listed, including 37signals’ brand new CSS/XHTML design.

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An excellent rant

Lobowalk is a “somewhat daily” blog that has just made the transition to using CSS for layout. The decision to go CSS was accompanied by an excellent rant:

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Wiki fun

Yesterday I set up a Wiki for Smarty as well. I like Wikis. The WikiEngine used for Smarty and MACCAWS is called TaviWiki, and is implemented in PHP with a MySQL back end. I had previously deployed PhikiWiki for a couple of university projects, which is good in that it is the only PHP Wiki I know of that works from the file system, but bad in that it has no support for version tracking (essential if your Wiki is accessible to the public).

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MACCAWS is a group of web professionals dedicated to:

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