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Tuesday, 2nd July 2002

WGET tip

It looks like the Glastonbury write-up will have to wait until tomorrow, but in the mean time here’s a handy tip (presented evolt style):

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ThinkGeek soap

ThinkGeek: The caffeine is absorbed through the skin...

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Guardian blogroll

I’m listed on the Guardian’s weblog list :) The link is quite well hidden (in the Tech weblogs section) but it’s still pretty cool. The list details some excellent blogs covering a large range of topics.

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More on TrackBack

Phil Ringnalda (now added to my blogroll) has posted his latest thoughts on TrackBack, and he seems to have come on an ideal solution to the problems mentioned earlier. He is now considering keeping the TrackBack RDF data in a seperate file referenced via a <link> tag. This gets around the validation problems and the weirdness of embedding RDF in XHTML in one stroke, but it seems Blogger may have a problem supporting it as it does not have the ability to generate external files.

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I want this book

Spotted on MeyerWeb: Eric Meyer on CSS has been released. This is one book I’m really looking forward to getting (at least when I can afford it)—Eric is one of the world’s leading authorities on CSS and the new book promises 13 full projects, with particular attention paid to CSS positioning. The advance reviews as listed on the book’s official site look very promising as well.

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More tips from Mark

Time to catch up on Mark Pilgrim’s accessibility tips. Four have been added since I last checked, so I’ll go through them in turn.

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PHP form problem

I’m suffering from a bizzare PHP bug. For some reason, POSTed form entries over a certain length are being lost when submitted to scripts running on this site. Here is a demo script which demonstrates the problem—try typing in a short chunk of text and it will submit fine, but anything long (seemingly over about 1300 characters) will be mysteriously lost. The server’s PHP Info output is available. If you have any idea what could be causing this drop me a line or add a comment to this entry.

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