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Sunday, 7th July 2002


I’ve been reading up on Muse.Net, and I like what I see. Muse.Net is a loosely-coupled, XML Web service derived Internet digital media supply chain. What that means in English is a system to let you listen to your private MP3 collection from any internet connected PC in the world, viasome very funky web service based technology. Your MP3s stay hosted on your own PC (so you need an always on internet connection) while the Muse.Net central service keeps track of what you’ve got and lets you log in from anywhere to listen remotely. Best of all the web service interface lets you do all kinds of fun things—for example techno weenie’s OPML directory of his collection. For more detailed info check out the excellent Muse.Net FAQ.

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Using web widgets wisely

Jodi Bollaert: Using Web widgets wisely. This is first in a two part series explaining the best practise for designing user interfaces using the form elements available in HTML.

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Google OR

Another gem from the Google Weblog—Google not only accepts OR as a search modifier but allows you to use | instead and still get the same results.

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Paper Scissors Stone

Paper Scissors Stone is more complicated than I thought (via BoingBoing). This article from 1999 describes the second international RoShamBo programming contest, in which entrants had to provide a program that could play other programs at the classic childhood game:

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