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Tuesday, 23rd July 2002

Swannie’s blog

Mark Swanborough (a friend from Uni) now has a blog. He’s getting hooked already.

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Evil but sometimes unavoidable

I’ve seen a few questions on various forums and mailing lists asking if there is a way of using target=“blank” on links in XHTML Strict without running in to a validation error. I’ve put together an example page showing a method of fixing this using the DOM, which also demonstrates Andrew Clover’s fun-but-ugly Evil Mangled Comments Hack.

Excite UK now powered by AllTheWeb

The Register: Tiscali to launch Excite across Europe. From

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Apple HCI guidelines

Apple’s Aqua Human Interface Guidelines (via a link on the Pinstripe Theme for Mozilla page). Interesting reading, and an excuse for a new category. I’m doing a course on HCI next term so I imagine I’ll be blogging a fair amount of related information in the future.

Browser testing tip

I have Mozilla, Netscape 4, Internet Explorer and Opera installed on my Windows PC. I use Mozilla for browsing and the other three for testing. It turns out that all four browsers can be loaded with a specific URL from the command prompt like this:

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