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Wednesday, 31st July 2002

Students and the web

Point. Click. Think? (via from the orient). This is an interesting, well written piece on the effect that the web is having on student learning and research habits. Looking back at my first year at Uni I am probably a text book example of the symptoms the article describes—I hardly ventured in to the library at all, getting most of my additional course information from the web. Then again a Computer Science degree is probably better suited to web research than many other courses.

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My shortest entry ever


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The CSS bug ring

Killer CSS link: Position Is Everything, part of the CSS bug ring. Big John on CSS-Discuss is probably the single most helpful individual I have ever encountered on a mailing list—he explains the most complicated (and simple) of solutions quickly, comprehensibly and in easy to understand terms. Position Is Everything is his collection of common but complex CSS browser bugs, complete with full explanations and any effective workarounds. The site links in to the CSS bug ring, a small ring of five sites providing more of the same. Truly an indespensable resource for anyone with an interest in CSS.

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Reasons not to use Access

I’ve never used MS Access for anything web related, and I certainly don’t intend to at any point in the future. however, I do see a lot of questions regarding Access on various forums and mailing lists. Nine Reasons NOT To Use MS Access To Power A DB-Driven Website (published 29th June 2002) is an excellent article explaining exactly why using Access on the web is a really bad idea.

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