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2nd July 2002

It looks like the Glastonbury write-up will have to wait until tomorrow, but in the mean time here’s a handy tip (presented evolt style):

<tip type="Offline Browsing">

If you ever want to grab a large chunk of a site for offline browsing in Windows, WGET is the ideal tool. First download WGET for Windows. Now drop wget.exe in a directory on your System path (on Windows XP I used C:\WINDOWS\system32). Fire up a command prompt (windows-key + R then cmd and enter works for me) and type wget --help for a list of options. Most of the time the article / section of the site you want will all be contained in a subdirectory of the site, in which case you can use wget -r -l0 --no-parent to grab everything in that subdirectory, without WGET following any links to parent directories.


This is WGET tip by Simon Willison, posted on 2nd July 2002.

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