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An excellent rant

14th July 2002

Lobowalk is a “somewhat daily” blog that has just made the transition to using CSS for layout. The decision to go CSS was accompanied by an excellent rant:

Why am I doing this? Because right now the web is such a freakin’ mess with all of it’s proprietary crap and browsers that don’t adhere to standards. I know, my little meager site will not make any difference but that’s okay. I’m the type of person that if I can’t do something the right way then I’d prefer not to do it at all. Besides, the main reason I even have this site here is for the fun of learning and expanding. If I have to put a bunch of hacks and work around’s in this site in order for it to look similar in all browsers in all platforms then it’s not fun. Also, hacks, proprietary markup and nested tables is utter nonsense.

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This is An excellent rant by Simon Willison, posted on 14th July 2002.

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