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Crowdsourced document analysis and MP expenses

Visit Crowdsourced document analysis and MP expenses

As you may have heard, the UK government released a fresh batch of MP expenses documents a week ago on Thursday. I spent that week working with a small team at Guardian HQ to prepare for the release. Here’s what we built:

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Drizzle, Clouds, “What If?”. Exciting news in the world of MySQL: Drizzle is a new project to produce a massively stripped down version of the database server—InnoDB/UTF8 only, no permissions, views, stored procedures or triggers, simplified field types, optimised for the common subset of functionality used by web apps. MySQL’s Firefox?

# 23rd July 2008, 12:30 am / databases, drizzle, innodb, mysql, utf8

Django Unit Tests and Transactions. If you’re using a transactional database engine (MySQL with InnoDB, Postgres or SQLite) you can speed things up by running each of your unit tests inside a transaction and rolling back in tearDown().

# 7th July 2008, 2:14 pm / django, innodb, mysql, postgresql, python, sqlite, transactions, unittest, unittesting