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Stamina: tutorial (via) Stamina is Hynek’s new Python library that implements an opinionated wrapper on top of Tenacity, providing a decorator for easily implementing exponential backoff retries. This tutorial includes a concise, clear explanation as to why this is such an important concept in building distributed systems. # 4th July 2023, 8:13 pm


How I’m a Productive Programmer With a Memory of a Fruit Fly (via) Hynek Schlawack describes the value he gets from searchable offline developer documentation, and advocates for the Documentation Sets format which bundles docs, metadata and a SQLite search index. Hynek’s doc2dash command can convert documentation generated by tools like Sphinx into a docset that’s compatible with several offline documentation browser applications. # 19th September 2022, 4:19 pm

TIL: You Can Build Portable Binaries of Python Applications (via) Hynek Schlawack on the brilliant PyOxidizer by Gregory Szorc. # 7th September 2022, 9:41 pm


Waiting in asyncio. Handy cheatsheet explaining the differences between asyncio.gather(), asyncio.wait_for(), asyncio.as_completed() and asyncio.wait() by Hynek Schlawack. # 26th May 2020, 3:28 pm


Hynek Schlawack: Testing & Packaging (via) “How to ensure that your tests run code that you think they are running, and how to measure your coverage over multiple tox runs (in parallel!)”—Hynek makes a convincing argument for putting your packaged Python code in a src/ directory for ease of testing and coverage. # 22nd May 2018, 10:12 pm