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Sunday, 12th May 2024

Parsing PNG images in Mojo (via) It’s still very early days for Mojo, the new systems programming language from Chris Lattner that imitates large portions of Python and can execute Python code directly via a compatibility layer.

Ferdinand Schenck reports here on building a PNG decoding routine in Mojo, with a detailed dive into both the PNG spec and the current state of the Mojo language. # 8:17 pm

About ARDC (Amateur Radio Digital Communications). In ham radio adjacent news, here's a foundation that it's worth knowing about:

ARDC makes grants to projects and organizations that are experimenting with new ways to advance both amateur radio and digital communication science.

In 1981 they were issued the entire 44.x.x.x block of IP addresses - 16 million in total. In 2019 they sold a quarter of those IPs to Amazon for about $100 million, providing them with a very healthy endowment from which they can run their grants program! # 5:21 pm

“Link In Bio” is a slow knife (via) Anil Dash writing in 2019 about how Instagram’s “link in bio” thing (where users cannot post links to things in Instagram posts or comments, just a single link field in their bio) is harmful for linking on the web.

Today it’s even worse. TikTok has the same culture, and LinkedIn and Twitter both algorithmically de-boost anything with a URL in it, encouraging users to share screenshots (often unsourced) rather than linking to content and reducing their distribution.

It’s gross. # 2:15 pm