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Saturday, 18th May 2024

AI counter app from my PyCon US keynote. In my keynote at PyCon US this morning I ran a counter at the top of my screen that automatically incremented every time I said the words "AI" or "artificial intelligence", using vosk, pyaudio and Tkinter. I wrote it in a few minutes with the help of GPT-4o - here's the code I ran as a GitHub repository.

I'll publish full detailed notes from my talk once the video is available on YouTube. # 3:49 pm

I rewrote it [the Oracle of Bacon] in Rust in January 2023 when I switched over to TMDB as a data source. The new data source was a deep change, and I didn’t want the headache of building it in the original 1990s-era C codebase.

Patrick Reynolds # 1:56 am