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Friday, 3rd May 2024

I used to have this singular focus on students writing code that they submit, and then I run test cases on the code to determine what their grade is. This is such a narrow view of what it means to be a software engineer, and I just felt that with generative AI, I’ve managed to overcome that restrictive view.

It’s an opportunity for me to assess their learning process of the whole software development [life cycle]—not just code. And I feel like my courses have opened up more and they’re much broader than they used to be. I can make students work on larger and more advanced projects.

Daniel Zingaro # 6:17 pm

I’m writing a new vector search SQLite Extension. Alex Garcia is working on sqlite-vec, a spiritual successor to his sqlite-vss project. The new SQLite C extension will have zero other dependencies (sqlite-vss used some tricky C++ libraries) and will work using virtual tables, storing chunks of vectors in shadow tables to avoid needing to load everything into memory at once. # 3:16 am