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Parsing PNG images in Mojo (via) It’s still very early days for Mojo, the new systems programming language from Chris Lattner that imitates large portions of Python and can execute Python code directly via a compatibility layer.

Ferdinand Schenck reports here on building a PNG decoding routine in Mojo, with a detailed dive into both the PNG spec and the current state of the Mojo language. # 12th May 2024, 8:17 pm


Mojo may be the biggest programming advance in decades (via) Jeremy Howard makes a very convincing argument for why the new programming language Mojo is a big deal.

Mojo is a superset of Python designed by a team lead by Chris Lattner, who previously created LLVM, Clang and and Swift.

Existing Python code should work unmodified, but it also adds features that enable performant low-level programming—like “fn” for creating typed, compiled functions and “struct” for memory-optimized alternatives to classes.

It’s worth watching Jeremy’s video where he uses these features to get more than a 2000x speed up implementing matrix multiplication, while still keeping the code readable and easy to follow.

Mojo isn’t available yet outside of a playground preview environment, but it does look like an intriguing new project. # 4th May 2023, 4:41 am