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About ARDC (Amateur Radio Digital Communications). In ham radio adjacent news, here's a foundation that it's worth knowing about:

ARDC makes grants to projects and organizations that are experimenting with new ways to advance both amateur radio and digital communication science.

In 1981 they were issued the entire 44.x.x.x block of IP addresses - 16 million in total. In 2019 they sold a quarter of those IPs to Amazon for about $100 million, providing them with a very healthy endowment from which they can run their grants program!

# 12th May 2024, 5:21 pm / ham-radio

Ham radio general exam question pool as JSON. I scraped a pass of my Ham radio general exam this morning. One of the tools I used to help me pass was a Datasette instance with all 429 questions from the official question pool. I've published that raw data as JSON on GitHub, which I converted from the official question pool document using an Observable notebook.

Relevant TIL: How I studied for my Ham radio general exam.

# 11th May 2024, 7:16 pm / json, projects, radio, datasette, observable, ham-radio