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Friday, 7th October 2022

Can :has Connect 4? (via) Spectacular CSS demo by Jhey Tompkins, implementing a working 3D Connect 4 game using just CSS (brilliant trickery with the new :has() selector) and not a single line of JavaScript. # 5:49 pm

Stringing together several free tiers to host an application with zero cost using, Litestream and Cloudflare. Alexander Dahl provides a detailed description (and code) for his current preferred free hosting solution for small sites: SQLite (and a Go application) running on Fly’s free tier, with the database replicated up to Cloudflare’s R2 object storage (again on a free tier) by Litestream. # 5:47 pm

py2rs. Extremely useful document providing resources for learning Rust followed by an extensive collection of common Python tasks (building a list, opening a file, spawning a thread, running a simple web server) and their Rust equivalents. # 5:44 pm

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